Rhovanion is a principal land in Northwestern  Middle-earth. To the north it is bound by the Ered Mithrim and the Emyn Engryn, to the west by the Hithaeglir and the river Angren, to the south by the river Adorn, the Ered Nimrais and the riversGlanhir and lower Onodló, then hills of Emyn Muil and the Ered Lithui.To the east are its borders vague, running from the eastern tip of Ered Lithui to the inland sea of Rhún, from there up the rivers Celduin and Carnen.

It incorporates the regions of Nan Anduin, Lórinand, Calenardhon, the Wold, the Brown Lands, the Dagorlad, the Taur e-Ndaedelos, Ehwathrumavuld,Gramavuld,Sagathavuld, Folyavuld and Gathod.

Flora and FaunaEdit

The major forest is Mirkwood. An interesting tree species are the mellyrn of Lórinand.



  • Nan Anduin
  • Lórinand
  • Calenardhod
  • Wold
  • Brown Lands
  • Dagorlad
  • Taur-e-Ndaedelos
  • Ehwathrumavuld
  • Gramavuld
  • Sagathavuld
  • Folyavuld
  • Gathod
  • Ered Mitrim