This is a list of Races of Middle-earth.


  1. Ainur
    1. Valar
    2. Maiar
      1. Corrupted Maiar

Free peoplesEdit

Those races of of Middle-earth granted, in the design of the world, free will and choice. Excluded from this list are beings dependent on instinct, such as animals; those driven overwhelmingly by passion or worship of power, like the Wild Trolls; those bound to Morgoth or Sauron, like the Orcs; or those bound as servants of Eru and the Valar, like the Maiar or the Great Eagles. In northwestern Endor, the most prominent of the Free Peoples include Ents, Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Hobbits.


  1. Elves
    1. Minyari
      1. Vanyar
    2. Tatyari
      1. Noldor
      2. Tatyarin Avari
    3. Nelyari
      1. Teleri
        1. Falmar
        2. Sindar
          1. Doriathrim
          2. Falathrim
        3. Nandor
      2. Avari


  1. Edain
    1. Númenorreans
      1. Dúnedain

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