The palantíri are stones who allow their users seeing distant things. There are seven palantíri:

  1. Osgiliath
  2. Amon Súl
  3. Minas Ithil
  4. Minas Anor
  5. Orthanc
  6. Annúminás
  7. Emyn Beraid

Special PalantíriEdit

The chief palantír is the one of Osgiliath. The palantír of Amon Súl is the chief Palantír of the North. The Palantíri of Minas Anor Minas Ithil  are ´twinned´ and the palantír of Emyn Beraid  looks only to the see. So the only ´plain´palantíri are those of Orthanc and Annúminás.


The palantíri of Osgiliath, Minas Anor and Minas ithil are safe in Gondor and are held by the Kingdom of Gondor.

The palantíri of Annúminás,Amon Súl and Elostirion are found in Eriador and the first two are held by the Kingdom of Arthedain, the third is held by the Elves of Lindon.

The palantír of Orthanc is held in Isnegard in Enedwaith