Principal Land Gondor
Allegiance Kingdom of Gondor
Region -
Province,district Osgiliath
Population 190 000
Name meaning Citadel of the Host of Stars



Unlike Gondor's other cities, Osgiliath possesses no rural hinterland of its own. Its walls straddle the boundaries of the provinces of Anórien and Ithilien in the midst of the Anduin vale. The two halves of the city rise gently from the eastern and western banks of the Great River. Here, at its narrowest point, the Anduin ranges between twenty-nine and thirty-six hundred feet in width. Four large bridges span the breadth of the river. They reach the city by way of small islet near to the eastern bank.


Tol GilthonielEdit

The district of Tol Gilthoniel comprises the islands on the Anduin. It is the centre of the city and home to :

  • Dome of Stars- the Dome after which the whole city got its name is home to the Palantír of Osgiliath.


Is the western district of Osgiliath


The southwest of the city


Occupies the northwest of the city


Occupies the northeast of the city


Is the district on the eastern bank of the River Anduin.


Is the district in southeast of Osgiliath. It is the least important district,which encompasses the area south of the mouth of the river Ithilduin.