Mordor is a principal land in Northwestern Middle-earth. To the north it is bordered by the slopes of Ered Lithui ,to the west and south by the Ephel Dúath and the eastern border is a vague desolate barren land.

It incorporates the regions of Gorgoroth and Núrn

Flora and Fauna of MordorEdit


  • piked Shrubs on the Morgai hills
  • Gorgoroth Cactus
  • Nettles and thorns in the Eastern Gorgoroth
  • A few herbs of the Eregwath and spurs
  • Few trees in Núrn


  • Lizards
  • Great spiders of Cirith Ungol
  • Insects in Gorgoroth
  • Scorpions
  • Flies
  • Horses of Mordor
  • Fell beasts

Peoples of MordorEdit

  • Orcs
  • Núrniags

Regions of MordorEdit

Realms of MordorEdit