Minas Ithil
Principal Land Gondor
Allegiance Kingdom of Gondor
Region Ithilien
Province,district Province of Ithilien,Minas Ithil-Nan Ithilduin
Population 60 000
Name meaning Tower of the Moon.

The city of Minas Ithil is located in the Ithilduin vale on the slopes of the Ephel Dúath. It is home to one of the four Palantíri of the Kingdom of Gondor.




The men of Minas Ithil are considered very different from the rest of Gondor.They consider themselves a step ahead, and the Tower of the Moon attracts many free thinkers. Some say that Minas Ithil is a town of sorcery, which is tolerated, but of course Dark Arts are prohibited


Though it lies less than a days ride from Osgiliath, one must never forget that Minas Ithil was always a border city, attacked constantly from Gorgoroth

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