Lordship of Lond Angren
Heraldry: LondAngrenherald
Capital: Lond Angren
Population: 0,3 million
Ethnic structure 80% Gwathuirim, 15% Dúnedain, 5% Others
Major cities. Lond Angren
Languages: Westron, Gwathuirim tongues
User: Isarnia2 11:04, June 26, 2011 (UTC)
Lord: Angrendur I.
Type Lordship of the Gwathuirim
Region Western Enedwaith

The lordship of Lond Angren controls western Enedwaith near the Ethir Angren


Lond Angrten means simply Angren-port


Constituent statesEdit


Most of the population is formed by the native Gwathuirim

Geography and Sites of InterestEdit



Lond Angren WarriorsEdit

Armed with long spears and a sword, these Warriors are the basic infantry unit in Lond Angren.They have a metal helmet, trousers, a rectangular shield and leather armour.

  • Def. Sword -4/10
  • Def. Spear- 3/10
  • Def. Axe- 2/10
  • Def. Arrow- 6/10
  • Def. Cav- 7/10
  • Def. Monster 3/10
  • Attack Sword- 5/10
  • Attack Spear- 8/10

Lond Angren RaidersEdit

Armed with battleaxes and lances, these Raiders are the basicv cavalry unit.

  • Def. Sword- 6/10
  • Def. Spear 4/10
  • Def. Axe 4/10
  • Def. Arrow 7/10
  • Def Cav- 6/10
  • Def. Monster 5/10
  • Attack Spear 7/10
  • Attack Axe 4/10
  • Attack Cav., 8/10



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