Kingdom of Gondor
Heraldry: Gondorherald
Capital: Osgiliath
Population: 2,5 million
Ethnic structure
Major cities. Pelargir,Minas Anor,Minas Ithil,Lond Ernil
Languages: Westron, Sindarin
Type Centralized kingdom of the South-Dúnedain
Region Gondor

The Kingdom of Gondor controls most of Gondor


It means land of stone


Constituent statesEdit


The Dúnedain peoples dwell mostly in the upper Nan Gondor (That is, Osgiliath, Anórien and Ithilien) and on the coasts of Lebennin

.The Gondorians (Daen ) settle primarly in the upper Lebennin and Lossarnach, but also in southenr Lamedon and eastern Anfalas.

The Belfalim inhabit the Principality of Belfalas.

A large Danan Lin population resides in Lamedon and Mornan.

The Anfalim have settle Anfalas.

The Calenardhons, who fled to Anórien and Osgiliath after the fall of Calenardhon, form another interesting minority.

Of the native people, noteworthy are the Donan and Saklaim of Ithilien and the men of Ethir.

Geography and Sites of InterestEdit

Places of interestEdit

  1. Osgiliath
  2. Minas Ithil
  3. Minas Anor
  4. Amon Anwar
  5. Pelargir
  6. Lond Ernil


The army of Gondor must always be prepared



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