Gondor is a Principal Land in North-western Middle-earth. To the north it is bound by the Ered Nimrais, the Glanhir, the river Entwash and the hills of Emyn Muil.To the east it is bound by the shadows of Ephel Dúath and to the south by the river Poros. The western border runs through the western marches of Anfalas.

Flora and FaunaEdit

The major woods of Gondor are the Eryn Ithilien and the woods of Anórien.

Peoples of GondorEdit

Race People Language Area of Settlement Number
Men Dúnedain Westron Anórien,Ithilien,Coastal Lebennin,Coasts of Anfalas
Danan Lin
Elves Sindar Sindarin Edhellond

Regions of GondorEdit

  • Nan Gondor
    • Anórien
    • Ithilien
    • Lebennin
    • Lossarnach
  • Falas
    • Belfalas
    • Lamedon
    • Lossarnach
    • Mornan
    • Anfalas
    • Andrast
    • Pinnath Gelin

Realms of GondorEdit