Fornost Erain
Principal Land Eriador
Allegiance Kingdom of Arthedain
Region Dor Forod-Úvethlad
Province,district Dor Erain, Fornost Erain District
Population 50 000
Name meaning Northern fortress (of the kings)

Fornost was founded by Elendil, but only as a small unimportant castle. It was rebuilt by Arantar, 5th king of Arnor, when it became the summer capital of Arnor.However, Tarondor, the seventh king moved back to Annúminás, and from then on, Fornost was the seat of the King´s Heir. During the rule of Eärendur, the last king of a united Arnor,it was the seat of Amlaith of Fornost. It became his major stronghold during the Arnorian civil war, but his heirs moved the capital back to Annúminás.



Fornost lies on the southernmost hilltop of the Tyrn Fyrn.Lying to the east of Annúminás, and north of Bree, Fornost is strategically placed in the heart of Arthedain.

Ost ArantarEdit

Arantar´sfort lies directly in the middle of the complex. It is a squared castle with thick walls. Lying directly on the hilltop,it is home to many Dúnedain lords

Minas AmlaithEdit

Minas Amlaith was built under the Ost Arantar and is the core of the city.