Eriador is a large region in Northwestern Middle-earth.. To the north it is bounded by the Ice-bay of Forochel and the Mountains of Angmar, to the East by the Hithaeglir , in the South by the rivers Glanduin and Gwalthó, and the Great Sea, to the it was bound by the Ered Luin and the river Lhún.

It incorporates the regions of Minhiriath, Mindornath,Úvethlad,Breelands,The Shire,Dor Uial ,Dor Forod, , Emyn Rhudaur ,Hollin Nan Angmar and Forochel.

Flora and Fauna of EriadorEdit

The most of the lands are temperate.The major forests are in the Trollshaws and Hollin.

Peoples of EriadorEdit

Race People Language Area of Settlement Number
Elves Noldor Quenya,Sindarin Hollin(Eregion),Imladris,Lune valley 300 000?
Sindar Sindarin Celephyar, Mendriyar, Brethyar,Lune valey,Siragale,Imladris 500 000?
Men Dúnedain Westron,Sindarin Dor Uial,Dor Forod,Úvethlad,Tharbad, Eldananyar,Sarn Ford,Foriand 830 000
Eriedain Westron Siragale,Dor Forod,Úvethlad,Dor Uial 700 000
Breefolk Breelands 83 000
Cardolanrim Mindornath,Minhiriath 460 000
Egenyarim Western Minhiriath, Lower Nan Baranduin 170 000
Gwathuirim Gwathuirim Eastern Minhiriath 150 000
Saralainnim Southern Minhiriath 85 000
Rhudaurrim Rhudaurric Emyn Rhudaur, 240 000
Mebion Bron(Hillmen of Rhudaur) Blarm 40 000
Angmarrim Angmariac Nan Angmar,Dor Forod 400 000
Lossoth Labba Forochel 180 000

Regions of EriadorEdit

Realms of EriadorEdit

Eriador realms:


Eriador minerals

Mineral Deposits of Eriador

Eriador is limited to the east by the Hithaeglir, to the west by the Ered Luin, to the south by the Gwalthó, and Glanduin. There are many hills in Eriador: the Emyn Súl, the Emyn Uial, the Emyn Beraid, Tyrn Fyrn and Tyrn Gorthad