Enedwaith is a Principal land bordered to the north by the river Glanduin, to the west by the river Gwalthó, where it borders Eriador (precisely Cardolan) and the Great Sea, to the south it is bounded by the Ered Nimrais,m beyond which lies Gondor,To the east it borders Rhovanion on the rivers Adorn and Angren until its confluence with the river Adorn, and the Hithaeglir

Flora and fauna of EnedwaithEdit

  • Swans of the river Gwalthó

Peoples of EnedwaithEdit

Race People Language Area of Settlement Number
Men Saralainnim Sarallic

Regions of EnedwaithEdit

  • Nan Gwalthó
  • Dor Wathui
  • Drúwaith Iaur

Realms of EnedwaithEdit

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