The Dúnedain (S: "west-men", pron. [ˈduːnedaɪn]), singular Dúnadan (pron. [ˈduːnadan]), were the the Men of Númenor and their descendants who peopled Middle-earth in the Second and Third Ages.

Principal Land Eriador
Race Men

Dor Uial, Tyrn Fyrn, Emyn Súl, Tharbad, Lower Baranduin,Eldanaryar, Rynd Morva Tarth,Cameth Brin, Fennas Drúnin,

Anórien, Ithilien , Lebennin

Population 2 850 000
Language Westron

The Dúnedain are the noble men of Arnor and Gondor


The Dúnedain have black hair.



The Dúnedain worship Eru, but bear respect to Elendil and other heroes of the Edainic descendants.

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