Principal Land Eriador
Allegiance Kingdom of Arthedain
Region Dor Uial
Province,district Dor Erain, Annúminás District
Population 50 000
Name meaning Tower of the West, Sunset Tower

The former capital of Arnor is now the Capital of Arthedain. located on Lake Nenuial, it has an easily defensible position.



The city lies on the southern bank of lake Nenuial. It borders the Nenuial- Emyn Uial distrcit of Arthedain. Lying in the Heartland of Arthedain, it was always one of the key points in Eriador.

Tol ElendilEdit

Tol Elendil is an island located in lake Nenuial. It is one of the oldest parts of the city, connected to the rest by Elendil´s bridge.

Ost Elendil.Edit

Located on the isle of Tol Elendil to the north of the city, Ost Elendil serves as the royal palace.It is easily defensible and it is home to the Shards of Narsil, a heridary item of the Heirs of Isildur.

Minas ValandilEdit

Minas Valandil is the part of the city to the southwest of Tol Elendil. it was built by Valndil, Isildur´s son.

Lond ValandilEdit

Valandil´s haven was once the greatest haven to the south of Lake Nenuial.

Valandils ForumEdit

Valandils forum is the central square in western Annúminás. It was once the place where the Council of Arnor met, but after king Arvegil I. has built the Artani Forum, Valandils forum has been abandoned and is now a marketplace.

Barad ValandilEdit

Barad Valandil is an old tower, to the south of the Minas Valandil. It is 40 meters high and is partially in ruin

Bar AratanEdit

Once housing Aratan, Isildur´s son, Bar Aratan lies directly south of Tol Elendil. It is one of the most ancient parts of the city.

Ost PalantírEdit

The Ost Palantír, the fortress of the Palantír houses the Palantír in Annúminás. built by king Elendil, it needs repair.

Aratans marketEdit

Aratans market just east of Elendil´s bridge is a place where delicious fish, but also other goods are sold.

Arantar´s Foum.Edit

The forum of Arantar, fifth High King of Arnor was one of the greatest monuments of Arnor. With the size of two football pitches, it is a unique piece of Dúnadan architecture.