Amon Súl
Principal Land Eriador
Allegiance Kingdom of Arthedain
Region Úvethlad- Breelands
Province,district Dor Erain, Emyn Súl District
Population 20 000
Name meaning Hill of Winds

Amon Súl, or Weathertop lay on the southermost hilltop of the Weather Hills.


The tower of Amon Súl was built by king Elendil.


Lying at the place where the borders of the Kingdom of Arthedain, Kingdom of Cardolan, and Kingdom of Rhudaur meet, the southermost hilltop of the Weather Hills is strategically important.

It lies directly north of the Great East Road.

Tower of Amon SúlEdit

Built originally by king Elendil, the tower of Amon Súl is home to the major palantír of the North, the Stone of Amon Súl. This palantír is the major interest for all the successors of Arnor.

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