Principal Land Eriador

Rhudaurrim, Arthedaini, Angmarrim,Dúnedain

Kingdom Arthedain, Rhudaur, Angmar
Major cities Athilin, Amon Súl, Minas Eldanaryon,Aradhras
Meaning Endless plain

The endless plain on the borders of Arthedain, Rhudaur and Angmar is called Úvethlad.Though once a fertile and peaceful region, after the disintegration of Arnor it was depopulated and now it is a dangerous area.

Within lie parts of the Rhudaurim fiefs of Eldanaryar, Eredoriath, and parts of the Arthadainc fiefs of Formenyar, Mendriyar but mainly the Arthadanic district of Dor Úvadan.

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